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A future president and the Civil War in Kentucky

    Many of us have heard of the 20th President of the United States James A. Garfield. Some of us may even be aware that he was from Ohio and he is one of four presidents to be assassinated in office (Lincoln, McKinley, and Kennedy being the other three). However, for many of us, we aren't aware of his service during the Civil War in Eastern Kentucky. For instance, as a Colonial in the Union Army, he was involved in the Battle of Middle Creek near Prestonsburg Kentucky.  This battle pitted him and his forces against Brig. General Humphrey Marshall and his experienced Confederate soldiers. Who would go on to win? Loose? Read about it below, or even better, visit the battlefield along with other interests in beautiful Eastern Kentucky. CHECK IT OUT! 

Middle Creek National Battlefield

A great book regarding President Garfield's life.

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