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I've been a Sony equipment person for some time now. Long before Sony put their noses to the grindstone and began pumping out wonderful still and video equipment every couple of months! I'm totally into the mirrorless universe! I like a camera that is small but I love seeing future images in the viewfinder before I press that shutter. I know what I have on the sensor after that little click...btw, I love the noiseless feature as well! Perfect when you don't want to draw attention to yourself in a quiet environment! 

Sony Cameras

If you are interested in mirrorless photography, may I suggest, the Sony A6000? A wonderful little camera that can get the job done! I carried one for two years and loved that little guy! If you're concerned about the MONEY and who isn't, check this link out on Amazon. You'll find new and used ones at a reduced rate!

Sony A6000


I love viewing old rusting tractors, cars, trucks, bikes, etc. I especially like photographing them and rending them as a high dynamic range photograph with low saturation. In other words, I like a photograph that brings out the rust, dirt, and usage. I have a photograph collection of HDR images of things I've come across on farms, fairs, and here and there. These prints are perfect on large canvasses or printed on metal. Yes, metal as on aluminum. A perfect gift for that person that likes old vehicles, buildings and the like. Check out my collection here RUST-N-DIRT

Rust HDR

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